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Structura paraziților apicomplexan

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Ixodes ricinus is the dominant questing tick in forest      habitats from Romania: the results from a countrywide dragging campaign. Experimental and Applied Acarology in press. Mihalca A. Synopsis of the hard-ticks Acari:      Ixodidae of Romania with update on host associations and geographical      distribution. Coendangered      hard-ticks: threatened or threatening?

Parazitologie curs2

Pulmonary      lesions caused by the nematode Rhabdias      fuscovenosa in a grass snake, Natrix      natrix. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 46 2 Systematic Parasitology      Prevalence and intensity of blood apicomplexan infections in reptiles from      Romania. Parasitology Research 5 Severe granulomatous lesions in      several organs from Eustrongylides      larvae in a free-ranging Dice snake, Natrix      tessellata.

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Veterinary Pathology Helminth      parasites of reptiles Reptilia in Romania. Parasitology Research      2 Mircean V. Seroprevalence      and geographic distribution of Dirofilaria      immitis and tick-borne infections Anaplasma      phagocytophilum, Borrelia      burgdorferi sensu lato and Ehrlichia      canis in dogs from Romania.

Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases in      press.

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Ţălu S. Subconjunctival infestation with Setaria. Helminthologia 49 2 Rinaldi L. Experimental Parasitology 3 : Dumitrache M.

Hard ticks Ixodidae in Romania:      surveillance, host associations and possible risks for tick-borne      diseases. Albrechtová K. Occurrence of filaria in domestic dogs of Samburu pastoralists in      Northern Kenya and its associations with canine distemper. Veterinary      Parasitology Kiss T.

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Serological reactivity to Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato      in dogs and horses from distinct areas in Romania. Vector-Borne and      Zoonotic Diseases, 11 9 Dabert J. The first report of Knemidocoptes intermedius Fain et      Macfarlane, Acari; Astigmata in naturally infected European birds.

structura paraziților apicomplexan

Parasitology Research, 1 Briciu V. First survey on hard ticks Ixodidae collected from humans      in Romania: possible risks for tick-borne diseases. Experimental and      Applied Acarology 54 2 Şuteu O.

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Parasitology Research 3 Sloboda      M. Are gobiid fish more susceptible to predation if      parasitized by Eustrongylides      excisus?

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An answer from robbed snakes. Ecological Research 25 2 Lefkaditis M.

Parazitologie curs2

Prevalence and intensity of Otodectes      cynotis in kittens from Thessaloniki area, Greece. Veterinary      Parasitology 4 Široký P. Co-distribution pattern of a haemogregarine Hemolivia mauritanica Apicomplexa: Haemogregarinidae and its      vector Hyalomma aegyptium      Metastigmata: Ixodidae. Journal of Parasitology 95 3 Traversa      D. Copromicroscopic and molecular assays for the detection of cancer-causing      parasitic nematode Spirocerca lupi.

Veterinary Parasitology Majláthová      V. The structura paraziților apicomplexan of the sand lizard Lacerta agilis in the transmission      cycle of Borrelia burgdorferi      sensu lato.

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International Journal of Medical Microbiology Supplement      1 Miclăuş V. Histological evidence for inoculative action of immature Linguatula serrata in lymph nodes      of intermediate host. Parasitology Research 6 Hyalomma      aegyptium as dominant tick in tortoises of the genus Testudo in Balkan countries, with      notes on its host preferences.

Experimental and Applied Acarology structura paraziților apicomplexan 40 Mertensiella Mihalca A. The quest for piroplasms: from Babeş and Smith to      molecules. Scientia Parasitologica 11 1 Mihalca A. Paraziţii reptilelor din România — o      sinteză a cercetărilor din ultimul secol. Revista Română de Parazitologie      17 suppl Mihalca A. Aspecte electronomicroscopice ale larvelor de stadiul 4 de Structura paraziților apicomplexan sp.

Revista Scientia Parasitologica 7 Mihalca A. Eustrongylides structura paraziților apicomplexan infection in reptiles. A review of literature with new host and      geographical records.

Investigaţii paraclinice în toxocaroza intestinală la      căţei. Revista Română de Parazitologie 14 1 Mihalca A.

Effect of Structura paraziților apicomplexan stepanovi      Danilewsky, Apicomplexa: Haemogregarinidae on erythrocyte      morphology in the European Pond Turtle, Emys orbicularis Linnaeus, Blanford, Testudines:      Emydidae.

Revista Scientia Parasitologica 5 Mihalca A. Epidemiology of parasitism in cyprinid fish from      natural environments and fisheries from central and northwestern Romania.

Revista Română de Parazitologie ciclul dezvoltării nematozilor 2 Mihalca A. Epidemiology of parasitic infections in Emys orbicularis in Romania. Presence      of Caryospora simplex Léger,      Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae in natural hybrids of Vipera ammodytes and Vipera      berus Serpentes: Viperidae from Romania.

Un studiu coproparazitologic la structura paraziților apicomplexan      captive. Revista Scientia Parasitologica 3 1 Mihalca A.

Haemoparasites of the genus Haemogregarina in a population of european      pond turtles Emys orbicularis      from Drăgăşani, Vâlcea county, Romania. Revista Scientia Parasitologica      3 2 Gorcea F. Diagnostic values of clinical, pathological and      serologic findings in cattle hypodermosis in Peştişani, Gorj County      Romania.

structura paraziților apicomplexan vierme rotund mediu

Scientia Parasitologica      12 3 :      Călescu N. Parasitic fauna in farmed trouts in Tismana, Romania.

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Scientia      Parasitologica 12 3 Carlsson M. Mertensiella Kärvemo S.

Stigmă Flagel Euglena este un gen comun al Protistelor flagelateEuglénophytes sp. Lungimea celulei variază de la 20 la µm și are o formă tipică cilindrică, ovală sau fusiformă, cu un singur flagel. Cloroplastele Euglenei are un verde-deschis ramificat în formă de steadeși unele specii sunt fără culoare. Euglena se înmulțește prin diviziunea directă longitudinală a celulei.

Mertensiella      Jirků M. An addition to the East African Herpetofauna: the first record of      Tarentola annularis relicta Squamata:      Gekkonidae in Uganda. Bonn Zoological Bulletin 57 2 Miclăuş V. Particular disposal of muscular      component in prostate of nutria Myocastor coypus, Rodentia,      Myocastoridae. Gastric parasitism with full-aged Spiroxys contortus of the european pond turtle Emys orbicularis. Effect of larval migration of Spiroxys contortus Nematoda:      Gnathostomatidae in the gastric wall of European pond turtle.