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Colorectal cancer consensus molecular subtypes


    colorectal cancer consensus molecular subtypes preparate cehe pentru viermi

    Rom J Morphol Embryol ; 60 1 : The clinical and histological classification of periocular basal cell carcinoma pBCC is essential in order to establish the risk of recurrence and to colorectal cancer consensus molecular subtypes the results of the treatment.

    Until now, there is no unitary histological classification of pBCC. AIM: The aim of this study is to identify the demographic, clinical and histopathological characteristics of adult patients with pBCC, in order to obtain useful data for comparison in other investigations and to identify the histological origin of this eyelid tumor, as there are only hypothesis on this issue.

    colorectal cancer consensus molecular subtypes

    The mean age at resection was of 66 years range: years. As for gender, 17 The pBCC occurred on the right side in 18 Of all removed specimens, 24 The most common histological subtype was nodular, accounting for 26 Adenoid BCC was identified in four Squamous differentiation basosquamous subtype was identified in eight Most of our pBCC cases were histologically classified as nodular subtype, and morpheaform and basosquamous form affected mostly the lower eyelid.

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    We can conclude that our results showed a demographic, clinical, histological, and IHC profile which seems to be representative for Central and Eastern European countries, maybe due to the same genetic predisposition and environmental factors.